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I started the Beauty, Fashion, Glamour, and Female Empowerment Business Coaching trend in 2008; today, everyone is doing it! 

Inner beauty is the ultimate currency and my brilliance is showing you how to leverage your assets on the inside to get what you want on the outside.

I’ve been named “The Tony Robbins of Beauty." 

I’m also a former Actress, Dancer and most noted for being a Hollywood Body Double!
I often joke my body is more famous than me. Chances are you’re one of millions of people that have seen me around the globe and didn’t even know it was me.

Today, I am recognized as a World Leader in Beauty, Wealth, and Feminine Leadership.
I’m passionate about showing women like you how to be more than just a pretty face - how to be a woman who uses her intellect, creativity, AND femininity.


I’ve worked with brands like Nike, Victoria’s Secret, The Body Shop, Sony, Paul Mitchell, Wet Seal, Mitsubishi and ING Direct. 
I’ve trained women entrepreneurs on 3 continents and helped them triple and quadruple their income. 
I’ve also worked with start-ups, celebrities, and multi-million dollar brands as a Marketing Consultant, Social Media Strategist, Creative Director, Brand Strategist, Copywriter, Sales Trainer, Fashion Merchandiser, Fashion Stylist, Spokesmodel and Beauty Empowerment Coach.  I’ve brought the topic of Beauty, Wealth and Feminine Leadership around the world through webinars, teleseminars, guest speaking and live events.

I’m more than a Life Coach. I’m a woman with REAL business skills. 

The results of my work, millions of dollars’ worth of sales in my career spanning multiple industries including Beauty, Fashion, Real Estate, Technology, Wellness, Hospitality, Personal Development, Direct Sales and Entertainment.

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