About The Brand

"1 in 3 women in this country lives in economic insecurity ~ a shocking 42 million women."

Empowerment Couture™ is the world's first Fashion Empowerment Brand dedicated to financially empowering over 100,000,000 million women and girls with a strong mission to change the financial trajectory of 1,000,000 foster girls.


Our Motto: Do good in the world, make a lot of green and live a glamorous life!


We know that you don't need another T-Shirt. But what you do need? Constant messages of empowerment. Popular culture is sending women overwhelming levels of negativity, shame, inadequacy...


Empowerment Couture™ fashion provides you with an affirmation of empowerment every time you do your hair, fix your makeup, or check out your beautiful bod in the mirror.


Every time you look at yourself you will be reminded that you are financially independent and self sufficient. You PAY YOUR OWN BILLS and OWN YOUR WORTH!


The pendulum is swinging in the other direction. I’m sure you can feel it. The largest wealth transfer in history is happening in the next ten years, and women will have control of 75% of that wealth. Girl Gone Wealthy is a pretty accurate statement.


"The biggest transfer of wealth in human history has started. Over the next 35 years as an unprecedented $58.7 trillion dollars of wealth transfers to women and millennials.

Paul G. Schervish and John J. Havens, Millionaires and the Millennium: New Estimates of the Forthcoming Wealth Transfer and the Prospects for a Golden Age of Philanthropy, The Center on Wealth and Philanthropy (CWP) of Boston College, May 28, 2014".


"I am financially independent & self sufficient".


Women will inherit 70% of this wealth. By 2030, two thirds of the wealth in the United States will be in women’s hands. Melanne Verveer, Ambassador-at- Large for Global Women’s Issues, US Department of State, Women as Economic Drivers, The Journal AARP International.


Women care greatly about impact investing. 76% of women say they want to invest in organizations promoting social well-being. 90% of inheriting women will become solely responsible for their wealth. Over 70% of women fire their financial advisors within one year of financial control.


As strong, powerful, and independent women, we are able to make decisions about what kind of world we want, how we buy, and where we want to put our money. Now is the time to raise YOUR Financial IQ.