Ungenita Prevost: Speaker on Feminine Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Empowerment

    Inquiries on Speaking

    You will walk away entertained, educated and empowered in every talk. Ungenita has an enviable reputation for having her finger on the pulse of who's doing what, where, when and how in the world of entrepreneurship and being a trendsetter in the female empowerment movement. Ungenita draws upon her business acumen, personal wisdom, and 'rags to riches' repertoire combined to help your audience take action, implement and execute, her three step formula to elicit change and produce results.

    Ungenita would be delighted to design a 'Haute Couture' experience for you, including half-to-full-day workshops, however signature keynote and panel topics often include:

    • “Drop Dead Gorgeous Mindset Makeover”
    • “Don't Treat Your Business Like A Knockoff and Expect Your Customers To Treat You Like COUTURE”
    • “SellingINStilettos® How to Charge What You're Worth and Get It”
    • “Unstuck Is The New Black: It's Not About The Fall It's What You Do When You Get Up”
    • “Dirty.Sexy.Money:Boost Your Productivity, Performance and Bank Balance”
    • "Fashion Your Brand: Increase Your Magnetic Presence and The Business You Desire"


    To inquire about Ungenita speaking at your next event, please contact us.