Billion Dollar Beauty Club




In the end, everything we do at Empowerment Couture & Billion Dollar Beauty Club is in service of the incredible women we work with. The true mission of the company and of the fashion line is to bring together the independent thinking, glass ceiling shattering, badass women around the globe we come in contact with every day - from Foster Girls to CEO's. 

We believe given the opportunity, women can do anything - but step one is financial freedom and independence. Join us in our private Facebook community to discuss top issues facing female entrepreneurs (and females in general - we are all entrepreneurs in one way or another!) and help develop informed opinions, solutions, and action plans.

We are not here to form yet another Facebook group where everyone comes to complain about this or that in a “safe space”. We are here to facilitate REAL CHANGE and build a community where Fashion Sense meets Financial Sense - to empower women around the globe.